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At Onyx, we want your experience to go above and beyond great food and drinks. That's why we have created an entertainment-packed schedule to keep you dancing all night long. 

Dirty Dancing Brunch

27-01-2022 ONYX - POSH COCKNEY - REVISITED-5-min.jpg

This could be love, because...

You'll have the time of your life with live singers, DJs and, of course, dirty dancers at this Dirty Dancing themed party.

Join us on Saturday 28th May from 2-4pm for games, incredible food and bottomless cocktails - you won't even notice Patrick Swayze isn't there!

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Live Entertainment


6th May: Jake Oakshott

7th May: Jamie Leigh Nelson

13th May: Jake Oakshott

14th May: Natalie Ellen

20th May: Niki Aston

21st May: Jamie Leigh Nelson

27th May: Jamie Leigh Nelson

28th May: Jake Oakshott

22-02-2022 ONYX - POSH COCKNEY-52-min.jpg


3rd June: Jake Oakshott

 10th June: Jake Oakshott

11th June: Jamie Leigh Nelson

17th June: Sophie Marie

18th June: Jake Oakshott

19th June: Autumn

20th June: Niki Aston

21st June: Jamie Leigh Nelson

24th June: Jamie Leigh Nelson

25th June: Autumn