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Italy | 2 | Its flavour is dry, tangy & well-balanced, with     175ml 5

good acidity & length                                                 250ml  6.5                                                                                               KLEINDAL CHENIN BLANC                                                              21

South Africa | 3 | Medium dry with lots of perfumed         175ml 5.5

aromas & balanced fruit                                                             


NEPTUNE POINT SAUVIGNON BLANC                                            28

Marlborough New Zealand | 1 | Crisp, refreshing               175ml 7.5

Sauvignon, citrus notes with grassy undertones and a       250ml 9.5

lingering finish           



MOUNTBRIDGE RESERVE CHARDONNAY                                        22

Australia | 2 | Complex and fruit driven with delicate floral aromas, characteristic peaches and tropical fruit flavours with a hint of oak.


VILLA APPASSIONATO PINOT GRIGIO                                            26

Italy | 1 |This is perfectly balanced wine is light and dry      175ml 7

It goes well with light dishes such as chicken or fish but      250ml 9

also with pasta or pizza. Very good as an aperitif too.                   

TOR DEL COLLE PECORINO IGT                                                        27

Italy | 2 | Intense impression of white pulped fruits with the complexity given by exotic fruits


CHARTRON ET TREBUCHET CHABLIS                                               38

France | 1 | Brilliant pale yellow with floral, slightly smoky aromas. Rich first taste, mineral, very persistent


SANCERRE BOISJOLI                                                                          41

France | 1 | Intense nose of Cox apple with a steely acidity and a lingering finish of ripe goosebury 


D’ABRUZZO DOC                                                                                                                                                         175ml 5

Italy | C | Red wine with gentle tannins, excellent  250ml 6.5

structure, offers sensations of ripe red fruits as well as spicy hints



France | B | Fresh nose, mellow, rounded, lightly   175ml 5.5

fruity, soft & easy to enjoy                                 250ml 7                                                                                      DOMAINE DE LA BAUME MERLOT                                    25

France | B | Awash with damsons & redcurrants on the nose which follow all the way through on the palate with a dramatically long finish

BLUE HORN MALBEC                                                         27

Argentina | D | Fresh blackberry fruit with juicy     175ml 7

tannins & a ripe plum finish with hints of damson250ml 9                                                                     

CHIANTI FONTELLA                                                         28

Italy | B | Largely Sangiovese. Ruby Red, smooth and medium-bodied on the palate.


SALICE SALENTINO RISERVA, DUCALE                             29

Italy | C | Deliciously harmonious mature fruit, with notes of black cherry, raisins and leather


ARTESA RIOJA CRIANZA                                                   30

Spain | B | Ripe red fruit, youthful, good acidity with a long integrated finish, twelve months in French & American oak adding balance & a hint of vanilla


BAROLO DOCG ANTARIO                                                   41

Italy | E | Big and generous with 2 years minimum oak ageing. Classic Nebbialo fruit and great depth.

CHÂTEAUNEUF DU PAPE BEAUCHENE                              45

France | A | Flagship wine with a strong structure & full, rich flavours; 65% Grenache, 25% Syrah & 10% Mouvedre




NUÁ PROSECCO                                                 29

Italy | 2 | Elegant, yet fruity bouquet with flavours of mellow   125ml 5.5 greengage& a light, pleasantly crisp citrus note

This Prosecco is not overly dry, but has a harmonious balance


NUÁ SPARKLING ROSÉ                                      29

Italy | 2 | Wine from Piemonte in Italy is light & dry with        125ml 5.5

enchanting hints of raspberry & strawberry


JULES FERAUD BRUT CHAMPAGNE                   56

France | 1 | Award winning, elegant, biscuity Champagne of      125ml 10

great quality which has been highly regarded for many years


JULES FERAUD ROSÉ NV                                   55

France | 2 | Delicate pink colour, approachable with soft,              125ml 11

subtle flavour


LAURENT PERRIER NV ROSÉ                             91

France | 2 | 100% Pinot Noir. Glorious pink colour with rounded red, fruit flavours


DOM PERIGNON VINTAGE                              200

France | 1 | The nose is honeyed; intense and rounded flavours, pure, mineral & fruits

770 MILES ZINFANDEL ROSE                                20

USA |3| Ripe red cherry flavours follow              175ml 5

from the nose through the palate with lovely,     250ml 7

crispy acidity.

SAN GIORGIO PINOT GRIGIO ROSE.                        22

Italy | 2 | Refreshingly light, with crisp flavours 175ml 5.5

of ripe summer berry fruits and balanced         250ml 7.5


DIAMARINE COTEAUX VAROIS EN                     30


France | 2 | Deliciously tangy on the palate with fresh fruit & citrus peel aromas leading to a very elegant finish

We have categorized the wines according to taste

White wines & Rosé on a scale from 1–9, with 1 being the driest and 9 the sweetest.

Red wines have been graded A-E, A being light-bodied through to E, intense flavoured and full-bodied.

125ml glass available on request.

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